Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fav (Pt.3); Desserts

a few 
Favourite Things
(Part. 3) 

I melt for ice cream, for hot chocolate fudge & for all those itty bitty sprinkles.
Whisper the word 'dessert' & I'm completely wrapped around your fingers.
So many random & long trips to places just so a taste of dessert were possible.

The adventures that happen on late night dessert runs.
The giggles when high on dessert sugar.
The crazy madmen & teenage boys.
After all, a night isn't a night until there is dessert at the end.
Even if it is at 3am.

& Sometimes it's desperation that drives us too...


Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've slacked off.
I know it deep down in my heart that I'm doing it on purpose.
It's going to bite me real hard in the bum & then its all going to all be about regret.
Why am I doing it?
The awful truth is that its because I can.

I want all the things that come after this huge massive bump in the road.
Because all those things make me happy, are sweet and means that I can get on with something new in my life.

But I have to get through this first.
So I need to look at it a new way.
Stop being afraid.
Dive in & hope for the best.
I don't want to relive this.

Its time to get this over and done with.
For once and for all.
Enough is enough.
It may feel too late but I still have a chance.

I'll make it work.
I want all those happysweetnew things to be real.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog This; Proud

Tell us about a proud moment in life - of you, of someone else, when you made someone proud.  
Maybe you want to focus on an aspect of your life or someone you know that exudes pride?

This is for you. 

To remind you that despite the hiccups, the time that felt like forever and the determined goals that didn't seem to happen. I am proud of you, for all the work that you put into wanting to be what you wanted to be without ever wavering. 

I know that the disappointment was big, that it was unexpected and that it felt like it was all for nothing. But now you know, now you can move on and now you can find something else that you will be just as determined with as you were before. I believe that you will be just as determined.

I could never have dealt with the same situation with as much bravery and as much patience. I envy that about you. I could not have seem it through with all the challenges that you had to face all the way through. You wanted to make a career of it so bad, and I always thought that it was enough. I so wished that it had been enough.

I am unfazed that you have find something to be determined about once again. But you did it, you surprised me, in your own little way. Now your goals have changed and I do not doubt that once your mind is set that you will see it through to the very possible end. I wish that it will be right just for you.

Despite the disappointment of those dreams, I am proud of you, for your unwavering qualities and that it is what makes you the way you are. It is something that I would never want to change. You are stable, solid minded and have direction. I am spontaneous, live by the day and have no interest to map out my future.You are the type of super hero that I want to be saved by everyday.

This is for you to know, always, I am proud to be with you.


Challenge By: Blog This

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Hold On a Little Longer.

She misses her handsome...

Not because he is far away, not because he has run away but because she had to make some sacrifices for the short-term that made her turn away. She didn't want to do it because some times he is the only one that actually makes it seem alright in the end, and it just seems so unfair, for her and him. So she wishes that the next three weeks will pass quickly and will not cause anymore damage to her self-esteem.

She misses her sanity...

It went away with him when she says no to ever visit, a shake of head for every act of kindness and a decline to his sweet offerings. She use to be able to section it off, the stupid things that never make her happy and him, who makes her forget that those things are not important. But this time round she doesn't seem to know how to make it work again.

She misses her life...

If this is what her life is suppose to be, if this is what it is to taste the industry, it isn't really what she had in mind for the rest of her life. Yet, there is something there, hidden deep inside that does grab her attention, makes her smile sometimes, but why will it never show its face? She misses remembering to breathe fresh air, sleep in without guilt, and go on dessert dates without worrying about the hours she is using up. Life shouldn't be like that.

These are the sacrifices...
Only for a little bit longer...
Just hold on for me...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unresolved Attention.

There are so many things that seem to want her attention. The problem is that she only has so much attention to give. She's not as talented as she would like to be, she can't multi-task as well as she wants to be, and she's not all able to cope with everything that seems to demand attention. She's forgotten what it's like to love life, to like the little things and what taking time out means. If she's not doing something, she's always thinking about something. That's the most frustrating thing, she doesn't want to be thinking about it all the time.

She can't be on design every minute of the day. The fun has pretty much been sucked out of it after all these years and now the nights that turn into mornings are just part of the life of university.

She wants to start doing something that makes people speechless and in awe. She wants to create, not design. She wants to show people how much she appreciates things just by a simple home made gift.

She can't constantly give her opinions and feed dreams of things that don't even exisist in her word right now. It's not fair to keep pressuing, to keep pushing and to brainwash her into how wonderful it will be. After all this time, right now, she's not sure what she is suppose to believe because she only has enough energy to devote to reality.

As for being snappy, for being in an undelightful mood and being plain right out narky. It's not your fault, she knows that. But sometimes it's too much and all she wants is a shoulder to cry on and a nice big teddy bear hug. Sometimes, it makes it all go away for just a little while.

She misses her girls. All of them. She misses the late night chats, the long train rides that are never long enough and the just being a part of their lives for those few precious hours. She misses desserts and having a girly chat.

She needs to survive this month, she needs to find strength deep down and she just needs to remember to breathe sweet things. Forget the things that don't make her happy and just focus guilt-free for doing what she wants. Only if life let it be that simple.

Something short and not so sweet.
I have missed blogging...

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