Monday, November 23, 2009

old romance with a dash of new fireworks.

Old fashioned light touches on her hips...

It's been such a long time since those days of nervous hugs and timid kisses. The hugs that seemed so new fitting together so effortlessly. Those touches so light and seem to explore all those untested paths. These days are now filled with certainty and unabashed affections. Sometimes the little things are forgotten along with the amount of time that seems to pass by. Sometimes new paths of uncharted territories need to be set. Sometimes its nice to just have the old romance rekindled more than for a little while. It reminds her of that summer that you taught her so much and of all the things that you learnt about her. Those emotions of whether forever is even possible and that it didn't really matter if there was a forever, just as long as there was a now because all time stood so still.

Fresh new fireworks igniting her heart...

When you reach for her it makes her feel so light hearted because it means that she is on your mind. When you place you hands so tightly on her hips it reminds her of your presence and if she leans back just a little she can feel the heat of your body against hers. When you kiss her with your eyes closed so tightly it reminds her that the only thing that you want in that one moment and only in that moment is the touch of your lips against hers. So when you put all of that together it makes her feel like those old times again, where there wasn't a second thought, that you couldn't get enough of all of it and she wouldn't believe that there was anything remotely relative to that feeling. The truth is, there really isn't after all of these years. She doesn't believe that there will ever be anything that will consume her as much as your touch.

Mix her a romance of old and new to make her melt...

Don't forget its always the smallest things that make her day, that cause her to swoon and to be reminded that after all these years you are grateful for the way things fit so well together with her. Otherwise she may forget that you are grateful, that you are happy and that you are indeed not just taking her for granted. Grab her hand when she's not looking, hug her tightly refusing to let go, kiss her when she least expects it and tell her why she's right for that forever you keep dreaming about. Some day she may forget how much you want her, how much you may adore her and how much you actually do need her if you forget to romance her in those little ways. But when you do, you make her melt, you make her smile sweeter and you most definitely remind her that beyond everything, after all these years, you are hers.

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