Tuesday, November 18, 2008

really want.

Simple need...


X just marks the spot...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

silly romantic notions.

Her heart desires all the silly romantic notions...

In one look will you kiss her like you've been holding your breath all this time.
At first touch will you hug her with all the teddy bear hugs you can muster.
Is the scent of her hair, her perfume, her essence remind you of where your soul belongs.
Will you see her through your blue eyes remembering why you fell for her in the first place.
Can you map her face knowing that your mind could never portray it as well as this moment.
Does the feel of her hand in yours cause you to never want to let go.
When she laughs will you grin stupidly to yourself knowing that you miss that sound more than you realised.
With a look into her eyes can you see the passion and desire she still holds for you.

If she had a choice.

In one kiss she would kiss you until she ran out of all the breath that she has been holding.
At first touch she would stay unmoving in your teddy bear hug.
The scent of your clothes, your skin would keep her soul tangle up with yours.
Through your blue eyes she can see how she continuously falls for you.
Mapping out every line, every wrinkle, every mark makes you so unique to her.
Holding your hand makes her feel like you would never want to let go.
Seeing your stupid grin as she laughs only makes her smile knowing that she can make you grin just like that.
With a look into your eyes she wants to remind you of the passion and desire that you will always invoke in her.

Her irrational conclusions of what could be...
And never will be...
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