Sunday, February 28, 2010

Formidable Dreams & Sweet Realities.


Hold her hand....

You take her hand, and she willingly accepts this without question. You hold her hand tight and take her to a place that she isn't quite all there yet in the physical form. Don't get her wrong, she loves hearing about those dreams, especially the ones that are so so close. Don't hold a grudge against her, she's a lot more forward in her thinking than she was only a few weeks ago. Its all still so surreal and some times when she sits down with you in the same room, she can almost touch those formidable dreams.

Tell her dreams...

You tell her that this will happen and she smiles and nods without a second thought. You make her dream in a totally different state of mind where she can't seem blend into reality. It doesn't mean that you should stop dreaming, she loves the way that your mind works. It doesn't mean that she can't see the togetherness that you describe, she just needs to understand in it her own little mind. Its an enchanting thought and some times when she closes her eyes right next you, she can breathe in those sweet realities.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Operation; Think Happy (Pt.5)

"I pledge to list 7 things that makes me happy, that makes me thankful, that makes me love life!"

1. Drinking West Coast Coolers, because I'm all about class.
2. Watching romantic movies like, You've Got Mail. And then crying at the happily ever after.
3. Feeling accomplished because I actually did something related to my thesis. Also hoping that this means that I am on a good start to the semester. (But also doubts this slightly).
Wearing my glitter heels and making me feel all girly.

5. Scary/Exciting/Nerve racking surprise future plans.
6. An accomplished night after a busy busy night at work.
7. Lunch dates with old friends, and why they will always be my very best of friends.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fav (Pt.1); Glitter Heels

a few 
Favourite Things
(Part. 1)

These are my absolute favourite shoes.
I'm attracted to anything that has glitter, and this definitly has the bling.

They were the last pair, and the right size.
Also they were on sale.
So it was just meant to be.

I love how they sparkle.
I love the fact they go with any outfit.
I love the way they feel when I put them on.


A Few Favourite Things (The Beginning).

a few 
Favourite Things

There are a lot of little things in my life that I adorelovecherish.
So this is for those lovely items, memorable places & awesome adventures.

I'll share some items from a few of my favourite things. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

all the words without a thought.


I like the way that we are just now. This moment in time. In the seven years since you first kissed me, this is the place that I like us to be. I know that not everything is perfect, not everything is great, but emotionally, this is where I want us to stay. I know that things will change, I know that situations will not be the same but if everything changes around us and we stay like this emotionally, then I believe, whole heartily that we could live like this forever. And really that's what I aim for.

I know that no one really cares or even really wants to know. But this is for me, and I've been good at doing things for me for a while now, so I'm not going to stop. I'm enjoying all the things that I am doing for myself and not for anyone else, and you know what? The stress is gone, the worry is gone, I like all this freedom that it has given me. I feel like that no matter what happens, I can look after myself, first and foremost. After seven years in a relationship, this is the way that I want to do things.

I've stopped fighting over the little things because the bigger picture is more important. I've stopped caring about the time apart because its time that I can do the things that I enjoy without the worry of making sure everyone enjoys it too. I've stopped worrying about all the stupid things that are said and done because after all they are just plain stupid and mean very little. But the time that we find for each other is much more precious, much more wonderful, and much much sweeter. That's the way that I want to live, like every moment is the cherry on top.


I felt like writing like this today...
Nothing thought out, just typed out...
Needed to clear my pretty little head.

Friday, February 19, 2010

in all its strange-ness.

I want to write something.
But I don't know what.

There's a strange feeling brewing.
I'm not sure what it is.

Operation; Think Happy (Pt.4)

"I pledge to list 7 things that makes me happy, that makes me thankful, that makes me love life!"

1. Being bitten hard by her creative bug, allowing her to try new and exciting things.
2. Watching movies in the dark.
3. Deciding on what she is spending her gift vouchers on.
Sandwich Valentine.

5. Progress to dreams that aren't even hers.
6. Birthdays to come... Because I have lovely surprises.
7. Red lipstick. Just cause.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

will you be my ♥.

Will You Be My Valentine?

I Valentine's Day.
For the love hearts, the red, the glitter, the roses and the people that I

Hope everyone celebrates with something nice.

I will be celebrating with some lovely girlies at work.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Tiger.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Operation; Think Happy (Pt.3)

"I pledge to list 7 things that makes me happy, that makes me thankful, that makes me love life!"

1. The random things that he does that makes her smile.
2. How she clicks with her friends in all different ways.
3. Running in the (heavy) rain with handsome after a classy night out.
Cleaning, because the room REALLY needed it. 

5. Feeling the itch to be creative again.
6. One week closer to graduating (because she has to keep a positive view on it).
7. Realises that she loves dresses, simply for their prettiness. 

Inspired by: Good Golly Miss Holly

about you.


It seems that trying to find the words to describe what she wants to say is becoming more difficult than she thought. In her heart she knows what she wants but somehow none of the words seem to do justice. She's tried to write this so many times, its been almost a week in the making, yet no matter what she wants to write it never comes out right. She wants to say so much, describe this feeling and to remember it, but there isn't anything that fits what she wants to express about you.


Lately you have been so amazing to her. It's not a new feeling, but its been much grander, more appreciated and much much more lovely. She's not sure how its happened or why its been such a sudden thing but she definitely does not want to spoil it in anyway. She would not trade anything for these moments, nor would she like to see them disappear. She wants them to last forever because that's the way she thinks about you.


She thinks that maybe she has changed a little and that you have too. She would like to believe that she is less dependent and doesn't need as much as your constant time like she did in the past. But when she is with you, the moment is savoured and it is so much sweeter. She would like to believe that she is more forgiving and less angry. After all these years she knows who you are and she would not want you any other way. She knows that all these things are true because she is insane about you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

plain awesome...


And sometimes you can just be plain awesome...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Operation; Think Happy (Pt. 2)

"I pledge to list 7 things that makes me happy, that makes me thankful, that makes me love life!"

1. Deliberately driving into the puddles on her way home from work just to hear the sound the puddles make.
2. Smiling at the fact that handsome twittered for her.
3. Glad that an old friend is home again and definitely looking forward to having dinner with her.
Excited about seeing the Edinburgh Military Tattoo after spontaneously purchasing tickets. 

5. Nervous about her bike ride (as passenger) on Sunday. 
6. Starting to look forward to Valentine's Day after thinking that it was unlike her to not be excited for it.
7. Looking forward to any reason to get all pretty, because she hasn't had an opportunity for a long time.

Inspired by: Holly Homemaker

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

holding onto useless air.

In this little world that you have created for yourself...

You may think that when everything is in its little order that everything is perfect in your eyes. In this bubble you are in you believe that it is alright to act the way that you do. The honest truth is that its not. No one sees your world the way you do and no one cares how perfect your world may be because they don't have to live in it and fit into your criteria on how people should behave according to you. So don't be surprised when no one wants to visit you let alone live in it with you.

When it gets hard to breath because all you do is fight...

Its difficult to continuously just walk around wondering what kind of mood you are in and what kind of attitude you may project, not just on a daily basis, but on a constant basis. Doesn't it get tiring always trying to fit everything into your little world and then arguing over nothing when it doesn't fit? She's over trying to let it go every time your mood changes for some unknown reason. She's not going to just step aside to let you just walk all over people because you think that's the way it should be. If you want to fight, then be ready to fight because she's not just going to stand around anymore and let you get away with it.

Some day it will catch up to you and then you may finally understand...

I'm not worried about myself or about what you may think of me. I know what people are like and to be telling the truth I don't like people like you. You are stupid to think that I will just let you get away with it. That stupid childish actions will win the wars. The truth is that if you continue the way that you are, it's not me that you will be fighting with the the whole world. But by then its probably just too late. Think what you like, do what you think is right and be rude, stubbborn and unpleasent. In the end I won't lose out because its not me that has become that. It is yourself.
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