Friday, January 29, 2010

without you.

Leap far...

When she told you that she wanted to run away, she never thought you would find great heights to jump from. Some days she would take the risk and jump as far and from as high as you wanted her to so that she could just be with you no matter where she landed. Yet, those days seem far from her because your mind keeps changing so constantly. She could never jump high enough or leap far enough to satisfy your ever growing list of changes.

Great heights...

Stop asking those awkward questions that she will never have the answers to. Those 'what ifs' and 'maybes' mean nothing unless they are actually planned out and full in force. She cannot say what you want to hear in hopes that you will just stop asking those questions, because she knows that it would be wrong, no matter how much your blue eyes plead.

Emotional traps...

She knows that you'll trap her. If you haven't already. She knows the lengths that she has to go to be with you in a life that you will be happy with. Her happiness is the simplest of ones, as long as she's with you, and that's where you have her bound to you. Give her a chance to live life and not worry constantly about the future that you so desperately have missed out on. She understands the sacrifices, she understands your sacrifices and she knows that this is your way of loving life.

"I don't want to do it without you..."
That's all it takes to trap her in...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Operation; Think Happy (Pt.1)

Inspired by: Holly Homemaker

"I pledge to list 7 things that makes me happy, that makes me thankful, that makes me love life!"

1. Thinking that one day I will be emotional on the first day of the school year.
2. The smell of rain. Despite the gorgeous sunshine.
3. Kind comments from perfect strangers.
Holiday planning with a beautiful friend.
His trust in me.
6. Being shown that she is needed.
Creating mystery and spontaneity. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

planned forever ago.

Making her swoon and melt with just a look…

This new look he has seems to show her makes her swoon deeper and faster than before. The old actions with some old touches causes her melt rapidly. And of course the sweet whispers that he teases her with will be the complete end of her. It makes her wonder, ever so slightly, how he manages to find these new ways, mixed with the old, that cause this strange flurry of new emotions in her that are all dedicated to him. It’s something unpredicted by her but its got her where she definitely wants to be.

Holding on to her with dreams of forever…

She’s completely all for the random acts of loving her. In fact she adores it, wants it and remembers that first summer when she was young and naive all for him. Yet she knows that she is no longer that girl that she was so many years ago and that there are steps that will be taken soon that he has seemingly planned forever ago. She’s afraid and determined that what ever he asks of her, she will not say no and never falter without giving it a passionate try. But she knows that there’s a smile on her face at the end of it because she will do it all with him, and that’s the way she would always want it to be.
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