Saturday, October 9, 2010

doubt will not exist.

There are many things in life that are anticipated, wished for and know that are just right at that right moment in life. For her she always knew that it was coming, but she always brushed it off like a joke, as if it were something that was said and shouldn't be believed in so heartly. Its been the same thing for her for a long long time, maybe this is just a product of never really realising the future was that close behind her.

She always thought she was the realistic one, the one that didn't make up the dreams and had her two feet firmly on the ground along with her mind and dreams. But now, its like she's no longer living in the present, that she so prides herself on, she's living in the past of her dreams and forgotten to move forward with the passing time.

It all makes logical sense, it needs to be done, its about time it happens and more importantly she feels like there is nothing that seems unlogical about it in her heart and how she feels. But deep deep down inside there's that old naggin feeling that makes her not quite sure if it will be all about smiles and happiness.

Its really the challenges and the obstacles of the outside world that worry her. The things that would make something seemingly so easy and wonderful turned into something that has to be continuously pushed towards. She wants it to mark her life, not anyone else, that she can be who she wants to be without regret, without not trusting her to make the choices that will count towards her future.

So leave her alone when the time comes because its the only way that doubt will not exist.
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