Friday, June 30, 2006

spicy spontaneous moments.

She's feeling:
  • a little down
  • tired for no apparent reason
  • cranky at the stupidity of people
  • unhappy because people don't understand her
  • disappointed
  • extremely bored
  • unsociable, even when she wants to be
  • confused, not really knowing what she wants
  • under appreciated
She wants:
  • money (who doesn't)
  • comfort
  • stability with all it's spicy spontaneous moments
  • whatever she wants without the questions
  • to be trusted
  • freedom
  • independence
  • appreciated
  • fulfillment of goals
  • to do something fun with friends
  • to feel beautiful

Monday, June 26, 2006

intensity of him.

The shadows of light...

It's amazing what the darkness does. It hides all the insecurities, it blends into every wall and traps the heat of passion without a second thought. It becomes more tempting and inviting then it can ever be. With every kiss there is a sigh of utter desire. Even in the dark, no expression could begin to fathom it's emotion. It's unbelievable what a little missing light can do.

The shine within the darkness...

Despite the tangled limbs that stretch beneath the fall of sheets, there's something uncomplicated about the cover of darkness. Each move satisfies each undeniable want, each kiss drives insanity into each movement. It's easy to see how a streak of darkness can turn something so controlled into a random grab of want.

The spark through the black...

In the touch of darkness there is no barriers of logic. Everything becomes a haze, the air becomes thinner and the heart races with every anticipation of need. Its moments like this that she knows that there's nothing that could match the intensity of him.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

like stardust.

"You have sexy eyes..."
She felt her heart skip a beat at his words...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

&& I want you too.

If it really means that much...

In just one kiss she realises that it will all be alright. The past day has pulled every possible emotion in her to pieces, its driven to the edge of the cliff to the bottom of the salty waters. She had almost gotten to a stage where she thought that she was going crazy, her thoughts couldn't even begin at the start to find a possible ever after. Yet in one kiss she knows that after all this it will be all okay.

... we will work in out.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

despite its worth.

Despite it all...
Miss me.
Want me.
Need me.
Kiss me.
Hug me.
Have me.
Hate me.
Love me.
For what its worth...
For all you care...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

tears that will end.

It always begins with a sentence...

Each time she begins the subject it ends with a game of stubbornness and strong-wills. She falls into a circle where she does nothing but go round and round. It's frustrating, annoying and completely does nothing to help anything. Once, it was the answer, it made a difference and it solved everything that every got in between. So has all things that she thought would never change, changed...

The tears that will end...

There's no more crying on her part, and she will never self doubt herself in the ways that she has falsely done in the past. This is where she ends with all the things that annoy you, that drives you insane, that causes so much heartache and tears every time it happens. Its been too often, completely and utterly spiraled out of hand. She will solve it herself, deal with every emotion without you and your questioning. She will do the things that make her happy, she doesn't need you for that.

It will end with a smile on her face...

Whatever the outcome she will know that she did it for herself, for her sanity and definitely for her happiness. She does not want to fall into the same cycle where she is dependent on you that she cannot even save herself. You will never have to solve another problem again even if you are to blame. This the solution to the question that you are forever asking...


Inspired by; A conversation with Marnie...
(Thank you for listening... even with your own situation...)

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