Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amazed by You.

Closed off dreams...

It was all so positive and the forever questions of if it will happen seemed almost so close to be true. But was it all false hope? Had they both been so blind sighted by this experience which has spanned longer than their relationship? Had they both been so naive to think that finally the persistent need to accomplish this dream would finally be worth it all? What happened between the positive words of encouragement, the knots in their stomachs, to the end where the answer was not the one that you wanted to hear?

Invested core emotions...

She can feel herself being tangled up into the emotional states of your aspirations. She can not only hear and see your reactions, she also feels them deep in her heart. So when you were at a point where you could go no further, she could sense herself so much more invested than what she had anticipated. She not only wanted to know, she wanted so badly to see you get what you have fought for in all these years.

Opening the chances...

When the answers are all given and all the options were weighed and then destroyed in one single step, she panicked. She can feel herself being scared and worried about what was to come. Yet she knows that it really
isn't about her at all and that her emotions mean nothing compared to the ones that you are facing. She is proud of you and she realises now that she has never really said that before, so she wants you to know right now and not ever doubt it. She could never have done all the things that you have for all those everlasting dreams. So when you did not show despair or worry and just moved onto the next plan, she could not have been more amazed by you.

Here we are waiting to start again, and this time round it has to right...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog This; The Things Learned from Friendship.

Tell your readers a tale.  About something you learned. 

I learned that friendships are fragile, robust and encompassing. They pick you up when things are not right and then can easily be the cause of all your distractions. It's taken me a long time to understand friendship and to fully appreciate it for what it is. I still have a lot to understand.

I learned that through friendship it is possible to be strong, imaginative and grow. They are the source of your imagination and your 'go to person' when there is something that cannot be done. They are the inspiration to do better and to think better. And doesn't it always feel like a weight has been taken off your shoulders when it has been spoken about rather than kept in?

I learned that having friendships means that you become generous, happier and thankful. While being in a relationship gives you most of the same things a friendship does, some times having someone else to talk to, to listen to and to complain to gives a whole new perspective on things.

I learned not to take friendship for granted because some times its all you need to feel kindness.


Challenge By: Blog This

Friday, March 26, 2010

Operation; Think Happy (Pt.6)

"I pledge to list 7 things that makes me happy, that makes me thankful, that makes me love life!"

Smexy late night dessert dates with Miss M.
The ideas and dreams to own a creative stall. Start small, dream big?
Feeling like there is a nice balance between university demands and work hours. Though could do with a little more social time. Can't have everything right?
Photos of smiling, of face pulling, with all the important people. 

A new USB. I'm nerdy, but I'm grateful for one that my computer actually recognises instead of rejecting. 
 Making new friends that seem actually quite genuine. I don't aspire for new friendships readily, but I'm starting to change my mind.
A random alarm that is set on my mobile phone that goes off at the same time every night, that is simply labeled, "Mwah". Very annoying and very effective as an inappropriate time. Yet I still haven't gotten rid of it...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fav (Pt.2); ♥ Miss M

a few 
Favourite Things
(Part. 2)

Miss M
She is my absolute, one and only, favourite, random, late night, smexy dessert date.

I chose this picture because I think that it pretty much sums up everything.
Sometimes we laugh at ourselves.
Sometimes it is the source of heart to heart.
Sometimes its place for insane thoughts and plans.
Sometimes it is where judgment does not exist, just kindness.


The Emotion of Absence.

I dream about you when I don't really want to be reminded of you. 

My subconsciousness is against me no matter how much I may try and fight it. 
I'm not sure what its trying to tell me because I'm trying hard to ignore that nagging need and that unfulfilled emotion of absence
My own mind has struck a treaty with you and made an enemy of I.

Stop haunting me in my dreams no matter whether it means well or just as another way of annoying me. 

Even though the annoying reminds me that you are near. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There Are Just Times.

There are times where a little space breathes just fine...

The situation may not be the same, the outcome, hopefully, will not be and the uncertainty isn't as mysterious as it was the first time round. But she never stops praising herself for being determined, more strong willed and deeply deeply passionate about him no matter the distance. She likes this time and wouldn't mind it if it happened once in while. It reminds her that she is still very much her own person, that she is independent and also her friends that are important are truly her friends and not because they belong from a plus one. Behind it all, she is grateful and this time round she is not fooled by people and the whole situation.

There are times where a little depending can be vice versa...

This time round it feels like there are more positives, more good things and that some of the long awaited dreams will for once be granted. Oh, how she wish it would so desperately. It's amazing how caught up she is in this whole process, one where it would still survive and thrive without her. She likes being the small escape route, the tiny fresh breath, or that slight distraction from everything else. She can be that for him and comes strangely like second nature. Its nice that once in a while she can do the supporting and the distractions. That's what she loves.
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