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Blog This; Fifty

50 things that I want to remember...

I met this boy, he was young and naive and so was I. It will be eight years this year that we had that first kiss. There is a future planned and there is so much that I don't ever want to forget. This is 50 things that I want to remember about us, even when I get too old to remember them all.

1. She first noticed him in an almost all-male technical drawing class when they were fourteen. He sat behind her and never really spoke to her. Instead he poked her in the back with a T-Square. Not love at first sight.

2. He was a bad boy, broke the rules, never paid attention in class and never really cared what everyone thought. She was a nerd, tried hard in her studies and always wanted to have people proud of her. She unadmittedly was attracted to this particular bad boy.

3. She remembers only one thing about this certain boy before they even really knew each other. In her first year of high school she had worked extra hard in maths and was beaten by a boy at the front of the class in their yearly test. He was that boy. She vowed she would get him back one day. She beat in their technical drawing class not once but multiple times.

4. She had asked him out first. He said no. He’s reasoning is that he had planned to leave the country to live overseas. He never left. He likes to say that it was because he believed that their relationship would last ‘forever’. She likes reminding him that he rejected a good thing and almost lost it too.

5. He likes to live in his dreams while she walks in the reality of things. He wanted to marry her from the very beginning. She was very sceptical, anti-commitment and was not a dreamer. Maybe after eight years she’s slightly better at the anti-commitment but definitely more sceptical as to why he would still want to marry her. He is still a dreamer.

6. He is attracted to a certain type of girl and she’s attracted to a certain type of accent. It works for them. Honestly, she just got real lucky there.

7. She’s a sci-fi nerd at heart. Thank god that he is too, secretly.

8. She never thought that it would last this long. She now wishes that it will last for the rest of her life.

9. She likes chocolate. Not because she likes to eat it. He used to hide a bar of chocolate in his school jacket and eat it cube by cube throughout the day. She had never met anyone who was able to consume that much chocolate all in that short time span. She was easily impressed at the beginning.

10. She would love to see him as a father. It would probably complete her admiration for him.

11. He has goals that are set out on a time frame, sometimes realistic, sometimes dreamy, but always tells her about them.

12. She lost her independence for a while. But she’s realised the importance of time together and time apart and it has made her a much better person.

13. She does not like to be called girlfriend. She is strange that way.

14. There are no weird endearments like babe, bub, pumpkin or baby. They always found it strange that these names could be transferred to babies just as easily. Names are all that are used. It always sounds so much sweeter when said by someone special. Except when they are in trouble.

15. She would have never dated anyone who used more hair products than herself. And she doesn’t really use hair products at all. He only uses shampoo.

16. She never loved opals or flower shaped pendants. But she feels completely insane for the beautiful necklace that he gave her for their first Christmas together.

17. She could, quite easily run away with him anywhere. But doesn’t feel the need to tell him that.

18. He completely gets it right when choosing jewellery for her. Even though she doesn’t even know her own tastes.

19. They both like things spicy. You know, like hot hot food.

20. Their relationship has had a lot of firsts. But none of the awkwards.

21. She likes how it became more than just a girl and boy being friends. All because she called him to say that movie plans with friends had cancelled. That conversation lasted four hours.

22. She likes how sneaky he was by putting his phone number in her mobile in the first place.

23. She has her hair long. Because he likes it that way, and it doesn’t really bother her either way. Funny thing is that her hair seems to be
easier to tame long than short.

24. Everything between them is always well planned, well thought out and agreed and disagreed by the both of them. They are just really big talkers. That has been the biggest surprise for her. In the good way.

25. She likes how he isn’t strangely eccentric. Hope he doesn’t mind that she’s slightly on the weird side.

26. It took him four years to admit it. It took her four and a half. It was well worth it.

27. He’s stubborn. She’s stubborn. Not a good match, but they are learning to compromise a little better each day.

28. She followed him to Scotland, willingly. She must be crazy for him. Or she just might be crazy.

29. She enjoys the childhood stories that he tells her. It makes her understand how he became the person that he has become today. It makes her surprisingly wonder about the future that they may have.

30. She like the deal that they have. He cooks and she cleans the dishes. Couldn’t be more perfect for her.

31. He finds family and traditions as important things in his life. She has realised how important these things really are. It’s nice to be reminded once in a while.

32. First kiss. If you ask him, he will say that he initiated it. If you ask her, she says she did. She’s learned to compromise that it was mutual. He still sticks to his story. Stubborn.

33. She always said that she hated receiving flowers that would die. He got her a crystal rose that would last much longer.

34. She believes that they are adventurous, spontaneous and comfortable together. He probably doesn’t have words as deep as that to describe them.

35. They like doing movies nights, with loads of junk food, movies all night and desserts to top it off. He tends to consume most of the junk food though.

36. She doesn’t think that he would run after her if things got tough. He says that he will. Deep down inside she probably believes him. But has yet to test the theory.

37. She likes how he tries. But then fails so miserably when it comes to romance. But then once in a while he gets it oh-so right.

38. She cannot believe that it took him almost seven years to ask her out on a proper date. She likes to remind him of this occasionally.

39. It’s amazing that it feels nowhere near almost eight years but feels closer to eight months.

40. For a boy with a bad reputation, he sure is more traditional that she ever thought he was. He sure was a surprise to her.

41. She likes how he’s so interested in showing her the stars. Especially in Scotland where the skies are always so much clearer. It’s one of those oh-so right moments.

42. The truth is that she wants to grow old with him because after this long, who else is going to be able to stand her the way that he does without going completely and mentally insane.

43. There was one night that he snuck out of his bedroom, in the middle of the night, through the window and walked to her house. Just to ring her and to wish her a happy first year anniversary, in the cold on the side of the street. All she could do was laugh at his silliness.

44. She thinks it’s sweet how nervous he was when he gave her her first necklace. He was shaking when he put it on before their Year 10 Formal.

45. She loved the secret meetings and mindless walks at the very beginning. It made her smile. She still enjoys the mindless walks even now. It never seems to get old.

46. Teddy bear hugs. No matter how angry or tired or sad she was. Always works.

47. She remembers that Autumn where the sun was shinier than usual and she lied down on his stomach in a green field. She remembers that her heart was beating so fast and she had to stop that silly grin on her face. Simply because she was amazed by the simple action of being so close to him.

48. He made himself annoying to her. Just an excuse. She liked to whinge about how annoying he was. Just another excuse. He will always be annoying to her.

49. She would never be as brave, as tough and as vulnerable all at once if he had not been around. Well, at least it wouldn’t of been as fun.

50. She is insane about him, no matter what, and forever.


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