Friday, February 22, 2008

on fire at one touch.

Ignite a spark in one moment...

She never expects that some times good things can happen out of no where or that great things happen without a reason. But she gets tested, she gets tricked and some times just a moment of it is enough for her to believe that she can breathe freely for once in a very long while. Despite all this, the most unprecedented thing about it is that some times it is you who gives that exact spark to her. That reason alone makes the gesture all the more grander and all the more appreciated. The truth is that it's because of you that it is the best thing for her at that moment. So when its no longer there, sooner or later, she's not sure how she will remember to take a break and breathe.

Forced flames for one purpose...

To her you are a remarkable person. She never would really admit how much she really needs you or how much she really would depend on you. She wouldn't even admit it to herself. But she knows that she has changed her views on life, her life, because you came and rearranged everything and demanded that new pieces fit where they didn't in your own selfish way. Some times she hates the idea that you did that yet somehow all these inputs in her life mean something to her now but only if you are there to see it through together.

On fire at one touch...

In all the uncertainties in her life, all the ones that were already there and all the new ones you inscribed into her life, she knows that some times she needs to stop holding on so tightly and believe that it will all work out all right. In that one moment despite the fact that sooner or later its another memory to add to all the ones already in her mind, she felt positive about it. She'd been waiting to feel something other than fear and it finally showed itself. In just one moment, at one touch, the one true purpose was there. One step closer to surviving it all because in the end it is going to be worth it all.
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