Saturday, January 8, 2011

In a world of far far away...

She's been away for far too long. There are no real reasons for it. Simply the fact that life overwhelmed her and took her through a rough patch and then a smooth patch and then took her round again. There are things that changed in her life that she didn't anticipate. Then there are things that took her breath away without caring if she would recover. Finally, there were those things that will change her future and her life in a way that she didn't think was possible. All in all, its amazing and despite the need to get through the lows, she's here now. She's going to power through because it is the way that it is and it is beautif.

She is about to step into the next part of her life. Yet whether there is any warning, its going to happen and she is so ready for whatever it has to bring. After all, what has she got to lose?

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